Do You Remember the Time…

This post is the first of a series dedicated to none other than the 1991 hit single from the King of Pop….seriously.

Ok I’m just kidding.  This series is simply about taking a trip down memory lane.  It’s about reminding us of why we love the Olympics to begin with.  It’s not always about the gold medals; sometimes it’s about something bigger.  So ahem *throat clearing*…

Remember the time that North Korea and South Korea put aside their deep-seated, historical differences and marched into the 2000 Sydney Games together?  Remember when they entered the Opening Ceremony wearing similar outfits and walking behind a joint flag of the Korean Peninsula?  Remember the heart-warming sense of hope for a better future that you felt even for just a couple of minutes?  I do.  (I mean I’m an International Relations major.  I live for this stuff.)

And then sometimes it really is about the gold medals…

Remember the time when French swimmer Alain Bernard trash talked about the US men’s 4×100 relay team before the 2008 Beijing Games?  Remember when Jason Lezak anchored the greatest relay in Olympic swimming history and the US men took home the gold?  Remember when you jumped up screaming, knocking over your chair and your family raced into the room to see if you were being murdered?  I do.

What do you remember?


One comment

  1. Vivek Bhatia

    I really admire the athletes who competed, but the people who work hard to set up the Olympics have also done some pretty memorable (and crazy) stuff. My earliest memory of the Beijing Olympics was hearing about China’s prep for the games: they wanted to guarantee no rain for the duration of the Olympics by seeding Beijing’s clouds with some chemical compounds delivered by missile. Rain dances aside, I think people have been trying to control the weather for a long time, but launch missiles at clouds?! Didn’t see that one coming…

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