Black Market for London 2012 Tickets?

Tickets for the London 2012 Olympics don’t go on sale until next year, but if today’s early registration is any indicator, you might want to pitch your tent tonight.  (…But don’t actually pitch a tent.  Tickets are allocated by lottery.)

The registration site for London 2012 tickets invites people to indicate which event they would like to attend regardless of pricing, which will not be announced until August.  Within the first four hours of operation, the site had received 40,000 hits….Did I mention they haven’t announced pricing yet?

There is some concern rising that between the large number of seats reserved for athletes, IOC reps, Olympic Committees, sponsors, (cool blog writers), etc. and the opening of the ballot to the entire EU rather than just the UK that some British spectators may get the short end.  Paul Deighton, Chief Executive of London 2012, is hopeful that the UK will dominate the ballot, but rumors of black market ticket sales have already sprung up.  The registration site hopes to crack down on illegal selling and trading by registering interested people ahead of time, thus making sure tickets go where they are most wanted.  When confronted with the suggestion that the black market may already be operating, Deighton responded that the London Committee’s lawyers are “already on the case.”

Well go get ’em, Sherlock.


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