“I’m going to buy some cows” says 2010 Marathon Winner

On Monday April 19th, 2010, Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot of Kenya won the 2010 Boston Marathon, a 26.22m (42.195 km) course that runs from Hopkinton, MA to Copley Square in Boston.  When asked what he would do with his $175,000 winnings, the 21-year old Kenyan farmer replied, “I am going to buy some cows.”  That’s right! Not only did Cheruiyot set a new course record of 2:05:52, but he’s helping the global recession by spending instead of saving.  Bravo!

Boston Marathon 2010 Winner Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot

2010 Boston Marathon Winner Robert Kiprono Cheruiyot

The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual marathon in the world, beginning in 1897 after the success of the event at the 1896 Olympics in Athens.  As such, yours truly was on the scene to enjoy the race and take some pics (with a Kodak EasyShare, so don’t judge!).  I snapped this next one of the female winner at the 1m mark at Kenmore Square.  The women’s marathon seemed to be in the bag for Ethiopia’s Teyba Erkesso, but at the last minute, Russian challenger Tatyana Pushkareva appeared over her shoulder.  Erkesso remarked, “From the beginning of the race I was looking to win. Tatyana was behind me and I don’t believe that I had the win until I crossed the line. Though Tatyana caught up, I used my power to win.”

Boston Marathon 2010 Winner Teyba Erkesso

2010 Boston Marathon Winner Teyba Erkesso


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