Breakfast of Champions: Misspending of Russian Olympics Budget shows up in food line item

As many a Mom and Dad will tell you, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  So important that Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko ate 97 of them during his 20-day stay in Vancouver.

Russia’s top committee for investigations has opened two separate probes into misspending of the 2010 Russian Olympics budget.  The cases allege that roughly $7.5 million was misspent during the Vancouver Games, $4,500 of that on Minister Mutko’s Wheaties.

Now I understand that every tough job deserves some perks, but after almost losing said job for the worst Winter Olympics medal tally in history, Mutko immediately cited, “serious defects in the system for preparing athletes” like the lack of training facilities and equipment.

Well Mr. Mutko, $4,500 could have at least bought a couple pairs of skis.  Just saying.


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