Regular Programming will resume shortly…

Bonjour from Paris, readers! Yes, I have spent the last four months living and learning in the City of Light, Love, and La Vie en Rose.  Thus, you can hopefully begin to understand my woeful neglect of Good Times and Gold Medals.  I’m sorry!  I can explain! See what had happened was…

A good friend of mine from Kazakhstan was helping me pack when he gave me some advice I will keep for the rest of my life (pencils ready…..seriously write this down!):

“When you travel, take only what you need, in order to leave space for the new.”

Some of you probably rolled your eyes just now, but I took his advice, both literally and figuratively, and in the words of a certain poet, “It has made all the difference.”  I packed my suitcases full of clothes, shoes, my Bible and little else.  I left my West Wing DVD sets at home.  I left my photo albums filled with friends and the familiar.  And, after some struggle, I left this blog as well.  It was not my intention to abandon any of these things, but for four months, I did just that.  Because what my friend meant is that you can’t really leave home if you take it all with you.  It was completely worth it.  Every second of it, good or bad, has been life-changing.  Un grand merci, Paris!  Je t’aime!

But alas my Parisian adventure is coming to a close, and my fingers are itching to discuss what’s been going on in the Movement since I left.  Updates on London 2012.  A word about two Korean athletes, one from the North and one from the South, at peace with each other even as their countries edge toward the brink of war.  And more.  I’m back, full of croissants, fromage, and enlightenment.  So stay tuned because regular programming will resume shortly…


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