Official “Pouring Rights” for the 2012 London Games go to the Dutch

London’s Olympic planning committee has decided to pass on a local British brewing company Fuller’s in favor of powerhouse Heineken as the official suppliers of beer at the 2012 Games.

In a deal worked out between the Dutch brewing company and the committee, Heineken will be branded the official lager of the games and have exclusive “pouring rights” at all bars in the Olympic Park.  BBC reports that this was to the great disappointment of London-based British brewery Fuller’s, which was hoping for their “London Pride” beer to be a major part of the London Games.

While this could have stirred up some warm-and-fuzzies, realistically it just wasn’t an option.  In light of the tail-end of the recession and lessons learned from Vancouver’s financial struggles, the London committee is clearly thinking more bottom-line than People’s Choice.  About 2,000 British citizens are employed by Heineken UK, which supplies bars around the country.

“London 2012 is also a global event and it is important to have global brands involved.  Their brand will be vital in the success of the event and it must be understood that without brands such as Heineken sponsoring the event, we simply couldn’t host the event because of the huge financial sums involved,” explains London 2012 chief executive Paul Deighton.

insidethegames blog reports that Alexandra Palace (also called The People’s Palace or my personal favorite, Ally Pally) has been chosen as the official “Heineken House,” a giant public beer hall  in North London.


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