Music of the Games: “One Day” ~ Matisyahu

Have you ever had one of those random Saturdays where you just walk out of the house and go wherever the wind blows you?

Definitely had one of those yesterday.  A friend came into town, and we more of less spent the day traipsing (if I may) around Boston, stumbling into one random shop or another.  Upon returning home, we headed out to find dinner and ended up crashing the Kol Echad Alumni acapella concert at the local Hillel.  (I rarely give out personal info on the blog, but here’s a freebie: I’m not Jewish).

As the group launched into one Hebrew song and then another, I did that thing when you kind of stare politely and blank out.  Don’t get me wrong, it was really lovely (shout-out to Kol Echad), but it was in Hebrew.  It’s like when really great choirs sing in German or something during a church service.  It’s very pretty and you know they’re talking about God, so you just smile and nod along.  Yea, that was me.

Anyway to get to my point, after two beautiful nod-alongs, the host introduced the next song as “one of the anthems of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.” Suddenly my ears perked up like he was reading this week’s lotto numbers.  The group went into “One Day” by Jewish reggae artist Matisyahu, and all I could do was thank the wind for blowing me to Hillel on a random Saturday night.  Enjoy!


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