Overheard at the OTC: “The Archer’s Paradox”

Short post, but I had to share. Earlier in the week, I was handling a media visit for a local San Diego paper. A team of 5 from the San Diego U-T were there to check out the London replica BMX track, the absolutely awesome resident female kayaker, and the archery tech we have out here. I took a reporter and a photographer up to the archery range to interview Guy Krueger, USA Archery Coach, about the developments in bow and arrow tech. Interestingly enough, Guy has probably been talking about his sport a lot with the recent rise in interest due to what else? Hollywood.

Yep, box-office smash The Hunger Games and upcoming Disney-Pixar film Brave have kids lining up for archery lessons. Excellent timing considering USA Archery is sending some serious medal contenders to the London Games (e.g. Brady Ellison, #1 ranked archer in the world and a resident athlete here at the OTC). Ironically, another resident athlete here, four-time Olympian Khatuna Lorig was Jennifer Lawrence’s trainer for her role as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games.

Anyway, tangent over. Back to my story. As Guy was answering a question about aim stabilizers, he mentioned something that I ended up writing down and thinking about for the rest of the day. It was something called the Archer’s Paradox. Wikipedia defines it as “the phenomenon that in order to strike the center of the target, the arrow must be pointed slightly to the side of the target.

Taken out of an archery context and placed in a life context, this paradox rings true for so much of my life right now as a recent college grad, current grad student and soon to be real person. I’m quickly finding that there are many routes to one goal. Sometimes the best way to get somewhere is the roundabout one. The one with the bumps and bruises, strangers turned guardian angels, learning lessons and dangerous dreams.

And you know, honestly, if I had gone straight from Point A to Point B…I probably wouldn’t be here closer than ever to what I love.



  1. cjfleming

    Reading about the life context of the Archer’s Paradox could not have come at a better time. I read the post in the middle of an afternoon to devoted to applying to jobs. Perhaps the next step I take will send me on a specific path, but it is reassuring to think that it may not be necessary that I choose the right one. By working hard and staying true to oneself, we can all eventually end up where we want to be.

    • kdmorton

      I’m glad you saw this post. Staying true to oneself is something that we talk about a lot in school (coming alive and listening for the genuine), but it becomes a bit harder when you leave and the only voice pushing you on sometimes is your own. I have had some of the oddest jobs and internships since school ended, but they’ve all somehow added to my life and led back to my passions. We’ll be fine. I know it.

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