Leave us our heroes/The post I cried Uncle

Alright so perhaps a post a day, straight off the bat, was a bit ambitious. I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew. I want to write and be witty and introspective everyday, but that just doesn’t seem to be happening. Even the athletes at the training center have recovery days. So I am calling a personal health day and excusing myself from my earlier (read: day ago) vow to blog everyday. Some days I’m going to fall asleep. And that’s okay.

Anyway this is what I wrote before I cried Uncle.


Lance Armstrong is Superman on a bike.

I was driving a reporter to the archery range today to get some B-roll because today was the contract signing for a new archery complex at the OTC. We’re chatting about which hole-in-the-wall sells the best fish tacos in Chula Vista when boom, he tells me that Lance Armstrong – strong-living, yellow-wearing, cancer-beating, seven-time Tour de France boss – Lance Armstrong is once again being accused of doping. Granted, someone is always accusing him of doping. But so far the man has just been untouchable. No allegations (European, American, or otherwise) have ever been substantiated. And he’s one of the most tested individuals in sports.

But you gotta think about it. Because if he’s not doping, then it’s like everyone is out to get him. And then you have to ask, why?

And if he is doping…It’s almost like people just want to protect him. Or protect what he stands for. And the answer for that “why” is easy.

The world just can’t survive on fallen heroes. Marion Jones, Mark McGwire, Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Joe Paterno. From pride to pariahs to punchlines.

I’m just going to be completely honest, and say that my immediate reaction to these latest allegations: “Until he pees in a cup and I test the urine myself, I just refuse to believe it.” Still there is no excuse for cheating. My mother and her mother before her always said, “What’s done in the dark will come to light,” and it should. But if/when this all turns out to be yet another misunderstanding, then can we all just move on and leave the man in glory.

Please just leave us our heroes.


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