Athlete and Community Relations

Official job description for the Athlete and Community Relations intern: “The intern will assist with connecting the athletes to the community and the community with the athletes. At the direction of the Operations Manager and Media Coordinator, the intern will host media and guests on site and schedule tours. In addition, the intern will assist with athlete visits into the community and provide tours to the public if volunteers aren’t available. The intern will assist with the newsletter and will plan activities for the athletes to meet other athletes and create a fun environment.”

Unofficial job description for the Athlete and Community Relations Intern: “The intern will dive headfirst into meeting the athletes because you can’t connect anyone to anyone if they don’t know who you are. Therefore, the intern will awkwardly thrust her hand in the face of every athlete, staff, sponsor, and guest at the OTC. The intern will plan impromptu movie nights and provide Oreos and Sun Chips, Soda and Powerade. The intern will offer to pick up athletes at midnight from the airport, drive athletes to the closest organic supermarket to get the best organic combo vitamins, throw on sweats and try his/her hand at an athlete’s sport, no matter how obscure. The intern will learn when an athlete wants to speak with the press or a tour group, and when he/she wants to be invisible. The intern will know when to stand up for the athletes and when they can stand up for themselves. The intern will mess up. The intern will make mistakes. The intern will learn on and off the clock. The intern will eat, breathe, and sleep the OTC (…because the intern does not have a car).”

Sorry I haven’t written in a while, guys. My job keeps me pretty busy.



  1. Calen

    Hello Kim. I’m glad I came across this blog post; I recently accepted the Athlete & Community Relations Internship with the USOC in Chula Vista for the fall semester.

    Would you be willing to connect with me via e-mail or LinkedIn? It would be nice to potentially gain some insight to the internship as I prepare to move out west.

    Thanks for your consideration.



    • kdmorton

      Hey Calen, sorry for the massively delayed response. Congrats on the internship. I’ve had a lot of fun and learned even more in this position. I hope you do to. I’d be happy to talk with you. Why don’t we connect on linkedin first, so I don’t have to post my email to this blog lol.

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