“Settle” and other words I don’t believe in yet

There’s a Christian saying: “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Well, readers, sometimes when God ends an internship, somehow he assigns you a capstone.

Ever since I returned from the training center, I’ve been searching for a way back inside that world. Trying to build contacts, continue my internship here, volunteer with local sports orgs, you name it. All attempts ending in dead ends and unreturned emails. As frustrating as this was, I ended up exactly where I need to be this semester. Working with a great team of people doing great things for our nation’s active and retired military. It is a privilege and an honor to do this work, and I have already learned so much. But there’s a path that I’m on now. And mine, much like yours, is buffeted with setbacks and I am, we are, beset by doubt, fear, and complacency, but, people, we have to keep moving forward. I don’t know what’s at the end for any of us, but I’m young, fairly liberal, and entirely too idealistic. The word “settle” just isn’t in my vocabulary yet.

So last week, completely on faith, I sent a cold email to Paralympic Sport DC at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in DC selling myself as hard as I could to do my graduate capstone with their program. Fingers crossed, I prepared myself for the wait, bracing for a no or non-response. And then…I got a reply back the very next morning. Spoke with the Director the day after that. And this Friday, I’m meeting with her to discuss and hopefully create an amazing capstone. And the Dream continues…

The moral of the story is simple: Treat the word “settle” like an ex-boyfriend or the coffee-maker in the morning. Forget about it. Send that email. Make that phone call. Dust yourself off, and try again.

Check the artwork below by a guy named Gavin Aung Than. Sums up the philosophy of a great man, a great place, and a great future for you, if you’re brave enough to choose it.



  1. Meredith Griffin

    Great read. I would hope that the idealism that you and your generation possess never yields to perceived realities. So many throughout history have created reality for themselves and others by refusing to believe when others said they could not. I hope the “yet” in your title never comes to fruition.

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