Side-eying my autocorrect as I type this

Greetings from my new mobile device, peeps. Yes, I finally did it. Betrayed my beloved Blackberry for an iPhone. I think we’re somewhere in the reverse honeymoon phase, as I started off hating this touchscreen keyboard and the lack of message waiting indicator light. I’m a simple girl, folks. Give me a bunch of new apps and access to the world at my fingertips, and I’m like “eh.” But take away my flashing red light, and we might need to step outside.

One must stay current, though (or in my case, at least less than 5 years behind). I will say that one of the best things about this new phone is this handy-dandy WordPress app, which I’m allowing to fool me into thinking I’ll post more often. In reality, it’s taken me entirely too long to write this paragraph and I’ve already side-eyed the autocorrect more than I can say. But I will try my best! 50 posts by the New Year! Yay iPhone!…o_O



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