NBC Dropped the Mic…Again

7.65 billion dollars.

NBC Universal just agreed to fork over $7.65  about $8 billion to the IOC for the exclusive right to broadcast the Olympics in America through 2032.

Now, if you recall, I posted about the rat race that is was the typical Olympics rights procurement process. Back in 2011, NBC pulled up to the negotiating table in a Bentleyrolling over ESPN and FOX to drop $4.38 billion for rights through 2020. In dropping that bid, they dropped the proverbial mic and left with the crown.

This time around, the LA Times reports:

“NBCUniversal in 2011 had stitched up the rights through 2020, but the IOC wanted to cement a new deal early, so it apparently negotiated exclusively with its longtime partner for an extension.”

NBC was like, “Honey, we don’t bid.” A little dinner, a little dessert, $8 billion.

mic drop
And to that I say: Snaps to all parties involved!

I like smart people, and this move was genius. NBC Universal has been on the upswing in the ratings this year, likely finishing #1 in the ratings for the first time in years – thanks in large part to the Sochi Olympics. The network averaged 21.4 million viewers each of the 17 nights of Sochi – and no offense to Sage Kotsenburg and the crew, but that was a Winter Games, y’all. With a U.S. bid for 2024 Summer Olympics likely, you can imagine the possibilities.

At the same time, the IOC now has funds to underwrite the next…9 Games! (I counted on my fingers, and I am unashamed.)

Onward and upward!


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