The Backstory: Making of the Beats by Dre Word Cup Commercial

Sometime last week, this video more or less flooded my timeline. Posts and pundits agreed: “Beats by Dre Just Totally Upstaged Nike With Its Pre-World Cup Ad”


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, TIME. Lest we forget Nike’s 2008 “I Got Soul” and 2012 “The Jogger”. And my personal No. 1: Channel 4’s “Meet the Superhumans”.

I will say Beats by Dre cracked the Top 5. And for those of you who want to know its secret, Olivier Laurent (also at TIME) has the story:

“The Game Before the Game” was filmed and post-produced over six weeks. “I worked with Omar Johnson, Beats’ vice-president of marketing. His goal was to keep the team lean, agile and aggressive. He didn’t want a large production because we knew that we would need to be opportunistic. I feel this approach really helped in creating an intimate setting where these players were comfortable to share with us their actual pre-game rituals, which are very personal. It also helped us in being able to bounce around the world efficiently.”

Nabil worked days and nights for a month across eight different time zones. “The lack of sleep never helps you stay as creative as you want, but we went for it. The cinematographer, Danny Hiele, and I had a few hairy moments in the helicopter over Rio when the weather was windy and stormy – altitude drops when flying in a helicopter are definitely ‘God-help-me’ moments. Danny was literally hanging out of the plane with a massive camera and just a single-strap seatbelt holding him in.”

Read more on TIME….


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