VIDEO: Novak Djokovic Displays Incredible Sportsmanship Against Radek Stepanek By Conceding Point At Wimbledon

Talking Baws

With the World Cup in Brazil dominating our TV screens and newspapers recently, Wimbledon has got off to a rather low-key start.

But one of the highlights of the Grand Slam event so far was Novak Djokovic’s incredible display of sportsmanship against Czech tennis ace Radek Stepanek yesterday.

The moment came late in the fourth set with Djokovic and Stepanek tied 5-5 and Djokovic leading 2-1 in sets.

Djokovic was one point from going up 6-5 in the set when a ball hit deep by Stepanek was ruled out just before the 2011 Wimbledon champ hit the ball into the net.


Stepanek was immediately in disbelief at the call which he’d adjudged to be in and was quick to challenge it.

However the issue became a little tricky as the umpire called for a replay of the point with the reason being that the call could have affected Djokovic’s ability…

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