Guys, it finally happened. I watched Food, Inc., and now I’m going through the existential crisis that I knew would come.

Dang it.

I’m on the metro home after spending the last half hour at Whole Foods checking for cage-free labels and googling meatless meat brands.

The Haul: I ended up with (the safe bets) tilapia, tofu, veggie Thai, and (this one is new) Gardein Beefless Burger Sliders. Some white nectarines and dried fruit bars.

I have no idea if/how this is going to work, but I am the ultimate sucker when it comes to trying something new. (Hence the stacks of unused card-making supplies and a Capital Bikeshare fob hanging around here somewhere.)

To tie it all back to Daily Medal, fun fact. Countless athletes from Carl Lewis to Ronda Rousey have adopted plant-based, veggie, or even vegan diets, and they’ve won plenty of titles along the way. I won’t use the v-word yet, but Meatless Mondays, I can do.

Edit: These beefless sliders are bomb. And they took about two minutes to heat up in the pan. I might be the laziest cook on the planet, so clearly these are now staple.


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