Podium Playlist

Songs that lead us to victory and inspire us to greatness…or at least make us nod our heads

1. “I’m Me” ~ Lil’ Wayne

This was the song blasting from Michael Phelps’ ever-present iPod throughout his historic, 8-gold medal Beijing Games.  It’s explicit, so be sure to cover the kid’s ears.  Family-friendly Lyrics (legit the only ones):

“Yes, I’m the best! And no, I ain’t positive, I’m definite.
I know the game like I’m reffing it.
This is The Carter, The Carter 3, the New Testament,
And I’m the god and this is what I bless ’em with.”

2. “Nuh Linga” ~ Elephant Man

Did you ever wonder what song Usain Bolt was victory dancing to in his head after his record breaking 9.69 100m?  This is it.  According to Urban Dictionary, Nuh Linga means “Don’t waste any time in whatever you’re doing.  Ex. Nuh linga or else you’ll get left behind.”  Left in Lightning Bolt’s dust that is…

3. “On the Go” ~ Mavado ft. Asafa Powell

This song was recorded by dancehall’s Mavado for Jamaican Olympian Asafa Powell when he set the world record for the 100 m at 9.77 seconds.  Big tings a gwan!  Big up Jamaica!!

4. “The Medallion Calls” ~ Pirates of the Caribbean

As strange as this sounds, I swear I heard this play during the NBC pre-coverage of the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies.  I kind of wish the guy that snowboarded through the Olympic rings and into the stadium had turned out to be Captain Jack Sparrow.

5. “City” ~ Jackie Chan

So who knew that Jackie Chan could sing?  Personally, I wasn’t really that impressed by his rendition of “War” in Rush Hour, but this isn’t actually that bad.  This song is one of the theme songs of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, an event that much like the Olympics will unite the world in a pursuit of greatness.  Check out the music video.

6. “One Day” ~ Matisyahu

One of the theme songs of the 2010 Vancouver Games.  Beautiful song with a message that is at the heart of the Games.

7. “All These Things That I’ve Done” ~ The Killers
Just watch.

8. “Harder Than You Think” ~ Public Enemy

The music that accompanied the inspiring and accurate “Meet the Superhumans” marketing campaign for the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

9. “God Save the Queen” ~ London Symphony Orchestra

Self-explanatory, right?

10. “Spice Up Your Life” ~ Spice Girls

I’m not even gonna lie, I girled out. I love the Spice Girls. I am that generation. I made a friend download Spice World when I stayed over once…No Shame!


One comment

  1. Nitika Gaiha

    OMG! I love this, this is the official PLAYLIST OF CHAMPIONS!!!

    This is so interesting. I would have never known.

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