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Another #MeatlessMonday with a promise of variation

Guys, I know this blog is supposed to be about so much more than what I defrost make for Meatless Mondays — and it will be — but this pseudo-vegetarian kick is one of the more visual life changes I’ve made recently.

Another day, another lucky chance that I ate salad for lunch and can count this towards my infinite and indefinite goal. I wish I had taken a picture of that salad — romaine, edamame, mushrooms, dried cranberries, tortilla strips, and jicama. (Who knew that jicama was a vegetable?? All I do is win.)

I did, however, manage to take close-ups of my dinner.¬†Guacamole (one mashed avocado mixed with lime juice, diced onion, salt, pepper, and garlic powder) and fresh peeled carrots, followed by homemade egg drop soup (egg, onion, chicken broth, kimchi, and…tofu).

Bing, bang, boom — the saga continues.


Healthy Haul: A Trip to MOM’s Organic Market with the Roomie

Meatless Mondays, 5k training, and slow fast food are still in full effect. I’ve allowed myself the occasional helping of canned corned beef hash from the Korean deli b/c sometimes you just have “one of those mornings” but for the most part, mindful meals.

MOM’s operates about a dozen stores in the DMV area and maintains a pretty loyal base of “Whole Foods isn’t really organic” shoppers. Roomie L is on a paleo kick right now and was on the hunt for some grass-fed meat. To MOM’s we went.

My food shopping methodology lies somewhere between “Kim, you’ve got food at home” and “Ooo loose daikon radishes…I’m sure I could do something with those!” Naturally, MOM’s turned into an adventure the minute we hit the dried goods section, and I saw sliced dragon fruit. Up the aisles, down the aisles. Look over there. In the end, I landed on:

1. Ridiculously priced avocados, please let it rain in California

2. A lime to preserve said avocados

3. Nectarines because I am an addict

4. Cilantro pesto, for the girl who hates basil

5. Humanely raised chicken, for the girl who saw Food, Inc.

6. Mayonnaise with no eggs (a stretch?)

7. Blackberry jam

8. Amy’s Butternut Squash soup

9. and Liquid Smoke, for the girl with no grill

Thanks, MOM’s. Enjoy my money.